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one match films

creates concise, exacting images for museums, universities, and musicians.


documenting and promoting your artwork can be daunting, if not exhausting.

As an artist specializing in photography and video, I understand this and offer two services to assist you:

  • Concise videos can focus on individual projects or provide an overview of your work as a whole.
  • High-resolution photographs emphasize minute details that might otherwise escape the attention of a casual viewer.

I will create a permanent record of your art and preserve those elements that only exist in a specific time and place, such as ambient sounds and the dynamic-interaction of light and shadow.

I will document your art with the same level of care and energy that you put into its creation.

we’ve worked with:


  • Columbus Museum of Art
  • Smithsonian Institution
  • Smith College Museum of Art
  • Tang Museum


  • Mount Holyoke College
  • Northfield Mount Hermon
  • Springfield College


  • Jo Sallins
  • Thurston Moore
  • Twink


  • Briana Taylor
  • Nancy Winship Milliken
  • Carolyn Clayton
Ben Westbrook

Ben Westbrook

Briana Taylor

Briana Taylor

Smith College Museum

Smith College Museum

Jay Bolotin — The Jackleg Testament
Carolyn Clayton

Carolyn Clayton


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Email for all inquiries.